Journey School in Spring, Texas


The Vision

Journey School aims to serve children with differing abilities in Spring, Texas, and around the world!


children to reach their full potential


family involvement and a family environment


on an individual basis according to gifts and abilities

Loving Children with Special Needs

Classroom guitar playing

The Beginning

Journey School opened in the Fall of 2019 in Spring, Texas, through the nonprofit, Journey of a Joyful Life.

The school’s founder, Melodie Chandler is herself a mother of children with unique and differing abilities.

Since returning to America from living in Asia, she has recognized a need for a school that embraces a family atmosphere while empowering its students to truly live out their gifting.

The Chandlers

Need for Journey School

The need for Journey School is great as few community resources offer individualized private education options for the needs of families and children with differing abilities with a holistic whole person approach.

The Facility

Journey School is located on a beautiful property in Spring, Texas! We have nine teaching classrooms, a sensory room, a therapy room, cafeteria, outdoor playground, large sensory gym, and lots of outdoor space. The campus is completely enclosed and gates are locked during school hours.

Please contact us to schedule a private tour of the Journey School campus.


Disclaimer: We know deeply that the world of different abilities is tender. It is a world of advocating mommas and daddies and a world where every single word and the tone its communicated in matters. It is a world of protectiveness and empowerment; mercy and grace.

We apologize if any of our word choices have stirred up hard feelings, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and help hold us accountable as we strive together to make the world a more accessible and accepting home.

We love the approach to teach the whole child and to truly listen to parents on priorities and challenges.

— Journey School Parent