We Believe in the Hands of Our Students

We believe they are crafted with purpose and power.

We believe in their ability to create, communicate, celebrate, and contribute to their community.

We believe they are capable of more.

Beauty of Different

Because we believe in the beauty found in differences, Journey School uses a variety of different therapies including but not limited to: speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavior therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and Son-Rise.

Our students will focus on life and behavior skills needed to thrive in their homes and everyday activities. We will also have an academic focus on math, reading, science, and language arts.

We want each child to have the freedom to focus on their individual talents and gifts while learning all they need to thrive as empowered individuals.

Statistics are not optimistic when it comes to looking at how differing abilities affect the family unit, but we want to be a part of changing that!

We want to provide not only a family atmosphere for those waiting on forever homes but also help to empower parents and families to believe that MORE is possible! We see YOU. We hear YOU. We want to be on this Journey with you.

Swing in motion on the playground
Art Class up close

At Journey, the entire staff is working so hard to help our son learn, grow and heal. Through 8 years of therapies, doctors, appointments and I’m confident that our time at journey has been the most valuable in understanding what our son needs to learn, grow, develop self confidence and most importantly to know and love Jesus. I’m forever grateful for Journey School.

— Journey School Parent
Journey School Staff

Journey School teachers and therapists approach education with flexibility and grace.

Journey School staff
Journey School Teachers

Journey School teachers and therapists approach education with flexibility and grace.

Journey School teachers
Substitute Teachers

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Journey School substitute teachers
Help give scholarships to children whose parents feel they would benefit from the Journey School experience.