Questions About Journey School?

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Please contact us for more info.


Can we tour the campus?

Tours can be scheduled by calling or emailing Journey School. 

Is the campus safe?

The Journey School campus is completely gated and, aside from drop off and pick up times, and remains closed and locked. 

What are your cleaning / sanitizing procedures?

All rooms, equipment, and surfaces are sanitized daily with all-natural, nontoxic cleaners. 


How are the classrooms structured?

Our classes are divided by age range and level of independence or need for support.  During the day, each class rotates between math/science, language arts, and character/life skills. We have weekly art therapy, music therapy, and PE/fitness sessions.

Do you follow a typical school year?

Generally, we follow a local school district schedule. See our Upcoming Events and Academic Calendar.

What are the class sizes and student to teacher ratio?

Our class sizes range from 3-8 students. Student to teacher ratio varies between 1:1 and 4:1 based on support needs.

My Child

My child doesn't communicate with words. How can Journey School support my child?

At Journey School, students’ verbal abilities vary. We want to learn the “languages” of our students and help them connect with people around them! Our staff is well versed in alternative communication systems such as various AAC systems, sign language, and word boards.

Do you only accept students with certain diagnoses?

Journey School welcomes children with all abilities, including but not limited to autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and dyslexia.

What if my child isn't potty trained?

We have students at every level of bathroom independence, and our staff compassionately meets each of their needs.


Do you have specific religious affiliation?

Journey School is not affiliated with a specific denomination. We believe that serving God and His kingdom work is our highest calling, and we want to pursue Jesus in all we do.

My son now looks forward to school!

— Journey School Parent