10th Anniversary Celebration

What a wonderful evening we had celebrating our 5th annual Party with a Purpose and the 10 years of Journey of a Joyful Life!!! Our "Stars at Night" theme was especially fun as we decorated the room with all kinds of beautiful, hand made, stars hanging from the ceiling!! I personally love an opportunity to wear boots and it was the perfect night for a celebration!!! It's hard for me to believe that my time in China started over 10 years ago and that Journey of a Joyful Life has been in operation for 10 years! What a joy it has been to see the Lord's hand on each and every aspect of this ministry over the years. Especially in the ways that I would not have planned.


Journey School was God's idea and not one that I ever would have imagined. Even this morning, on my way to work, I was thinking about life and how I got to this place. This wasn't something I dreamt of as a child or even something I longed for....This is the actual place that God brought me to after so many events that only HE could orchestrate! Do you know the George Strait song "Unanswered Prayers"? "Some of God's greatest gifts, are unanswered prayers." I have always loved this song. I love good Country Music but that's besides the point:-) Im grateful for the Journey the Lord has had me on over the last 12 years. I left for China in the Summer of 2011. Never imagining I would be back. I told the Lord that I was happy to live and die in China. I also told Him I would never marry a Chinese man. I bet He laughs about the things I "tell" him. His ways are so much better than mine. I'm grateful for the moments of celebration... even among the difficult moments.

I can't wait to see how God grows and expands all He has begun over the last ten years of Journey of a Joyful Life. I trust HIS ways will always be better than mine and I look forward to the ride!!